About Us

Life is great!

HomeVision Technology Inc. will never stop improving your quality of life!  All of our engineers are focused on developing all different kind of products in different fields to help people live better, healthier and more comfortable!

HomeVision has owned many well know brand product lines, Ecohouzng, Tygerclaw, Digiwave, TygerWire, ElectronicMaster, Tosot, HVtools, SeQcam… to meet all of our valued customer needs. HomeVision Technology Inc. owns a manufacture factory located in Zhuhai City, China and we have over 30,000 square feet of warehouse located in Canada and USA. 100% of our products are manufactured and imported by ourselves. That is why HomeVision can bring you the best quality with the lowest priced products to our customers.

HomeVision have been practicing this business philosophy since 2002 in the electronics, appliance, home and office hardware, and other related industries. Thriving on customer satisfaction, HomeVision offers a high edge technology to our clients and customers. Customer satisfaction is our foundation, quality and high edge technology products are our basics, competitive price is our advantage. Homevision guarantee bring you legendary customer service, the lowest price, the best quality and high end technology products. HomeVision is your complete high quality products direct distributing wholesaler!

HomeVision will never stop improving your quality of life!